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in the most startup friendly jurisdiction in Canada (according to Canadian Federation of Independent Business 2018) with market access to entire North America, with support of the community.  There is no traffic, low crime, free health care, great school system, proximity to work and all amenities, coupled with world-class government and ecosystem support for your business. 

It should not be hard to turn your idea into a business.  Start Yukon guides you to the best resources Yukon, Canada and connected ecosystems can provide for you to turn your dream into a viable product.  Ask us.  Not convinced?  Ask our local startups.

"Start Yukon not only found me a cost efficient office, by helping us find a prime space at a local incubator, but found start up capital and government grants that were essential to getting me started in my journey to global expansion."
Camilo Rivera

Let’s work together on your next startup idea.

You may not have considered Yukon as your place to start. We can help you get started in a way that you never thought were possible.